Mar 2nd 2012

With exclusive insight from FF HQ's DESIGN team, unseen footage of our SPRING/SUMMER 2012 SHOOT, plus a SNEAK PREVIEW of what’s to come!








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Feb 21st 2012



"Dutch designer Mattijs van Bergen is celebrated for his curvaceous fashion and freshly feminine designs. On February 5 he closed Amsterdam Fashion week with a show at the Heineken Music Hall that stunned the media and turned into the biggest event of the week.

Named “one of the most promising young designers” (British Vogue), and “Crown prince of Dutch Fashion” (Dutch Elle), Mattijs van Bergen showed two collections that emphasized quality tailoring and detailing, one of which was designed in collaboration with clothing brand Aaiko.

The footwear for the show was especially designed by United Nude in collaboration with Mattijs. An exclusive limited edition of these Mattijs x United Nude shoes will be available from United Nude in spring 2012.

United Nude prides itself on being one of the most collaborative design companies in the fashion world today, working together with new and upcoming designers as well as world renowned names to create surprising and original looks that fuse together different talents and ideas. The collaboration with Mattijs was United Nude’s 2nd collaboration this year, with the 3rd to be launched later this month.

Rem D Koolhaas, Creative Director United Nude, said: “Mattijs and United Nude have been talking about collaborating for a while and now was the right time. Even though this is already our third collaboration with a Dutch designer this year, we went for it. Joining forces in the creative field is part of the United Nude spirit and we are proud to be perhaps one of the most collaborative brands in the industry.”


Mattijs van Bergen (1980) launched his label MATTIJS in 2008. He studied for a Bachelor of Arts Degree at the Institute of Fine Arts in Arnhem, The Netherlands and followed with a Masters Degree at the Central Saint Martins College in London. His neoclassical designs are defined by a distinctive use of color, high quality fabrics and fine craftsmanship. The clothes are fashion forward, but are a constant source of elegance. Shapely tailoring and sculptural pleating define the label’s signature style, and Mattijscontinues to develop his brand’s distinctive identity to the delight of his loyal following."


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What's Love Got To Do With It?

Feb 10th 2012

 Just in time for VALENTINE'S DAY!!

Check out the contest With United Nude and Lille Vinkel Sko!  

Vinn sko fra United Nude!
To enter, go to Lille Vinkel's blog.

Arkitektur + kjærlighetssorg + sko = Vakkert design

"Valentine's Day nærmer seg og et av våre skomerker har bakgrunn i en søt og romantisk histore! Det sies at sko er veien til en kvinnes hjerte og vi kunne ikke sagt oss mer enige!

Skomerket United Nude ville kanskje aldri eksistert hvis det ikke hadde vært for et knust manns hjerte. Mannen bak United Nude, Remi D Koolhas forsøkte å vinne tilbake sin store kjærlighet ved å designe en sko inspirert av romantikk. Kvinnen fikk han aldri tilbake, men forsøket resulterte i i et skomerke basert på klare konsepter, eleganse og innovasjon. Ta en titt på vårt utvalg av United Nude sko her!

Du kan vinne United Nude skoene du ser på bildet over ved å svare riktig på et enkelt spørsmål: Hva heter den første skoen som Remi D Koolhas designet for å vinne tilbake sin store kjærlighet? Svaret på spørsmålet finner du her på United Nude sine nettsider! Du har KUN mulighet til å delta 1 gang så det er viktig å svare riktig. Vinneren kåres på Valentine's Day, 14.februar."

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The Gwangju Design Biennale

Jan 31st 2012

Inspiration update from United Nude that was too good not to pass on:

"Founded in 1995, in memory and spirit of the 1980 civil uprising of the Gwangju Democratization Movement, the Gwangju Biennale in South Korea is Asia’s oldest Biennale of contemporary art. The Gwangju Biennale shows contemporary art under a chosen theme, alongside special guest exhibi- tions and various performances.

Korean architect Seung H-Sang and Chinese artist and architectural designer Ai Weiwei have been appointed as co-directors of the 4th Gwangju Design Biennale. Eight curators and two designers have also been appointed for six major sections of the theme-oriented exhibition, and will be held at the Biennale Exhibition Hall and throughout the metropolitan city of Gwangju from September 2nd to October 23rd 2011.

United Nude takes part in Section one titled Named Design, curated by Minsuk Cho and Anthony Fontenot. United Nude exhibits some of their iconic shoes, the Moon Life collaboration shoe and the Lo Res Lamborghini series including a full size one."

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Style Your Sole!

Jan 25th 2012

 Inspiration of the day:

These amazing 'The Scream by Edvard Munch' Inspired Custom Toms Shoes, made by Benjamin Paras!

Check out his site for other custom TOMS.

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