New Austin restaurant makes TOMS part of the staff uniform!

Jan 23rd 2012

I was reading the TOMS HQ blog this morning and thought this was a very cool idea- restuarants that have made TOMS part of their uniform. This made me start thinking about places in Oslo...

The Night Hawk Diner in Grünerløkka would be the perfect match! Don't you think?! Any places come to mind? 



From TOMS HQ: 
Larry’s a chef and TOMS fan in one of our favorite cities – Austin, TX – where the music scene is rad, the restaurants are top-notch, and where some of the earliest TOMS fans (and a handful of our employees!) reside.

One of our Austin-based TOMS family members shared Larry’s story with us – the restaurateur just opened a new restaurant, Elizabeth Street Café, and outfitted all of his employees in TOMS shoes! (Wouldn't you guess...his business partner/co-owner is a TOMS fan, too.)


Larry says…

My career kicked off around the same time that Blake founded TOMS, and I’ve worn the shoes as I’ve grown with my business. TOMS has introduced new styles of shoes almost parallel to the new steps I’ve taken in my life, and that’s great for the Elizabeth Street staff, who can choose from all the TOMS styles you’ve got.



Our manager’s an aspiring fashion designer, so especially for him, being able to wear TOMS as part of the uniform and being able to take liberty in what that uniform looks like is the hippest concept.

Plus, much of the staff was already showing up to meetings wearing TOMS they had already worn before they worked here. Almost the whole team already knew about One for One.



As far as the ‘uniform’ TOMS shoes say about Elizabeth Street…well, we try to have our café be a branch of who we are as people, so it’s a big deal for the whole team to be wearing what they like. And even on top of that, a lot of what the TOMS culture stands for, Austin culture also stands for, and we think our customers will appreciate that. We’re pumped about the whole thing.

Elizabeth Street Café
1501 South First Street
Austin, Texas


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Jan 19th 2012

I was reading the upcoming UNCover (for Spring Summer 2012) and I wanted to share something I thought was rather cool with you:


In the days of old school graffiti whenever garbage trucks, trains, subways and walls were unavailable - rather surprisingly - shoes proved another canvas of choice. One of United Nude’s latest collaborations is with renowned Dutch street artist Shoe. The reason why United Nude chose him are his masterful writing skills. His name being Shoe is a destiny-like coincidence.

Niels Shoe Meulman (also known as Shoe) is an internationally known artist and graphic designer, born, raised and based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Niels began tagging Shoe in 1979 and became a graffiti legend by the time he was eighteen. In 80s New York he met artists like Dondi, Rammellzee, Haze, Quik and Keith Haring. He formed the Crime Time Kings with Bando from Paris and Mode2 from London. Together they gave graffiti in Europe its own distinctive style.


In the 90s he furthered his technique by apprenticing under the Dutch graphic design master Anthon Beeke. In the years after he ran his own design company Caulfield & Tensing and was partner in advertising agency Unruly, which he later turned into a brand and a gallery.

Niels Shoe Meulman invented Calligraffiti, an art form that fuses calligraphy and graffiti. He launched this movement in 2007 with a successful solo exhibition in Amsterdam. Since then, his Calligraffiti pieces (signed NSM) have been shown in various international exhibitions and are part of several museum collections. His more recent painting style is often described as abstract expr essionism with a calligraphic origin.

Four strokes to the calligrapher UN symbolizes reversal. Ink draws attention to the letters themselves, as to the spaces in-between. Black and white are positive and negative - or if you prefer - yin and yang. Small wonder why Shoe, when recently visiting the People’s Republic of China as part of an art project left his mark on a Beijing huton. ‘We can only be comfortable, if we were uncomfortable before’, comments Shoe on his latest work of Calligraffiti. ‘To be alive is only to be undead. And when science proudly presents its universal laws, some of us know that they are ununiversal. If you don’t understand this, then ununderstand.’
Rem D, creative director of United Nude said to Niels: ‘It’s funny how we are different: We are UN making shoes and you are Shoe making UN.’ Besides a limited number of exclusive collaboration shoes, unique handpainted pairs of United Nude classics are in the making and will be shown during a live performance and exhibition at the Selfridges department store in London, from February 23rd till March 24th.


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Jan 17th 2012

We here at WHY NOT like exploring new ideas, looking at things from a different perspective and coming up with innovative solutions.

This blog is our way of sharing some of these daily thoughts, ideas, and inspirations with you in hopes that it will "uncork" some of your own creative juices!

So, here's to creativity!


oh, and welcome to our blog!


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Nov 30th -0001

 Did you go One Day Without this year?

Watch how we did!




A big TUSEN TAKK to Elina Niezere and Daniel Hjertholm for your support and hard work on the video!



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