Apr 26th 2014


Thanks everyone for a wonderful Saturday at Miin! It was so much fun having our TOMS stand in beautiful the Bærum's Verk!  Also, thanks to the girls from Vestre Aker for coming and painting TOMS shirts with us :)

Takk Miin

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FitFlop morning at the British Residence in Oslo

Apr 10th 2014


Wow! What a morning! A fantastic morning at the British Residence with Her Britannic Majesty’s Ambassador, Jane Owen, Dr. Dave Cook and the Norwegian Taekwondo Team! Not to mention a beautiful display of the FitFlop summer collection and sneak peek at winter!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who joined us, Pukka Tea and Tone Lise Akademiet! <3


FitFlop Spring Collection!


Pedicure anyone? :)

Also, a special thanks to Dr. Dave Cook  - who developed the patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ technology with Macia Kilgore and Darren James.  Dr. Davis is now the headcoach of Norway's TWD team that is headed to the Rio Olympics in 2016!

The team consists of the following athletes: Janike Lai, Siv Anja Mienna, Tina Røe Skaar, Bendik Øyan, Tor Løvset Waage, Richard Ordemann & Mohammed Elhatri.

You guys are amazing and we are very proud of you!



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Feb 8th 2014

Back in September 2013, TOMS made commitment to produce TOMS Giving Shoes and to help establish and support the growth of a responsible and sustainable shoe industry in Haiti at the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting.

Well, it’s a new year with lots of new progress:

We’re closer to opening our Port-au-Prince factory, meeting our goal of starting operations in the first quarter of 2014. Machinery has arrived and the first employees have been hired. We’re expecting to begin training and small-scale production by the end of February.

But it hasn’t come without its difficulties. At TOMS, we’ve learned that any time you build something from the ground up, you’re going to face some challenges. We are learning every step of the way, and are inspired by the great work of our partners helping us move forward through these challenges in order to begin producing shoes.

In addition to manufacturing, TOMS is continuing the Haiti Artist Collective , one of our favorite programs, that employs 30 Haitian artisans to design and hand-paint limited-edition retail shoes in Haiti. Each pair is unique and available to customers exclusively through

And finally, it’s Giving as usual. This year, we’re continuing our Giving efforts in Haiti with some of our amazing Giving Partners like IMA World Health, Feed The Children and Partners In Health, among others, integrating new shoes into programs that help provide access to education and good health.


To learn more about our commitment to Haiti, check out this blog post from September:


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Jan 29th 2014



Over 4 million children have been affected by the conflict in Syria, which is now well into its third year. Nearly 3 million of these children and their families had to flee their homes, leaving them without access to basic services like healthcare and education. They have lost their homes, and many are living in makeshift shelters or refugee camps in neighboring countries including Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Egypt. This leaves many of them unprepared for the cold winter months.

We know that today our community is counting on us to go beyond giving and to really make a positive impact on people and business everywhere. That’s why TOMS is proud to support Giving Partners like the Save the Children and the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in their efforts to support and provide relief to Syrian refugee children and their families. As part of their relief efforts in providing basic supplies, TOMS is giving new Winter Boots to children living in refugee camps in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.

The U.S. Fund for UNICEF is providing TOMS Winter Boots as part of their winterization kits for children in Iraq and Lebanon. Other supplies in these kits include winter clothing and blankets. The U.S. Fund for UNICEF has also helped install heaters and water boilers in refugee camps. And Save the Children is also hard at work aiding children living in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan. Save the Children is distributing TOMS Winter Boots in their “child friendly spaces” that provide children with a safe outlet to play, study and cope with the uncertainty around them.

The boots are part of a larger, region-wide effort TOMS is undertaking with Giving Partners to help improve the lives of Syrian children in refugee camps and communities affected by the crisis. Over time, we’ll continue to share stories about TOMS’ impact in the refugee camps our Giving Partners are serving.

To learn more about the ongoing crisis in Syria, visit the following links:
>> U.S. Fund for UNICEF: Syria Crisis FAQ
>> Save the Children: Help & Hope for Syrian Children and Refugees
>> #childrenofsyria

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Dec 12th 2013

Not sure if you guys are feeling like us… but since we have been hearing jingle bells on repeat every time we go into the market since TWO DAYS before Thanksgiving, our ears could really use a break from all these holiday jams.

Don't call us a scrooge or anything, we just like a little more variety in our lives. So we thought a playlist full of the best 90's jams would be a great respite from all the chestnut-roasting-red-nose-roasting madness. And who can get sick of Boyz II Men, anyway?



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