Aug 13th 2013


We have a new shoe brand!

Norway, meet Ted Baker!

Here's a little video for you to get familiar with the feeling of the brand.



Are you ready to Take The Scenic Route with us?


Stay tuned for pictures from the AW collection.


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TOMS event at SKOSKO!

Jun 26th 2013

 Check out SkoSko's TOMS event!



Thanks everyone for coming out and showing your support!

Photos courtesy of SKOSKO


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FitFlop Fun with Sko + Sånt!

Jun 19th 2013



Thanks for so many of you coming out and joining us!

We have some really great FitFlop fans out there! :) 


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God Stemning med Tomine, FitFlop og pedikyr!

Jun 10th 2013

TAKK for the great day Tomine! What a fantastic way to start the weekend!  

Check out pictures below and take a peek at Tomine's Blog! <3 

All Pics from Tomine


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TOMS Summer Tour

Jun 8th 2013

 TOMS Summer TOUR 2013! 


It was so much fun traveling throughout Norway and stopping at some really amazing cities along the way!

Wow, this country is beautiful!

It was really nice to meet so many TOMS fans out there! You all rock!! Coming from California and seeing just an many people walking around with TOMS on was awesome! Not to mention how knowledgable you all are about the One for One movement :) Great job Norway!

What we do at TOMS is a big job, but we don't do it alone. With your help and the help of our giving partners, we're transforming purchases into a force for good around the world. One for One. 

Thank you, Norway!

Check out some pics from our trip below:

The TOMS Tour has begun!

Portable speak music set-up, anti-rain dances and gas station snack breaks... the perfect start to a very rememberable weekend.

FIRST STOP: Kristiansand

A big Thank You to Retro, J. Sørensen, Tvedt Optikk and UiA Studs Lacrosse!


SECOND STOP: Stavanger

Thank You RolfsenVanessa, Capone kids, VillaRosa, Fontana, Stavanger OptikkHøyer and lacrosse team at the University of Stavanger!

 NEXT STOP: Bergen

Thank you Krogh Optikk Bergen, Retro Bergen, Lille Vinkel Sko Bergen, Optiker Nils Teigland, Vrimmel, Babyshop, and a special thank you to Schang Danceproductions and  B'Hip Hop Dance Studios! Thanks for making our afternoon extra awesome with the amazing dance you created for the TOMS one for one movement! Everyone check out their facebook page/website. These girls rock!


Had det bra Bergen!


Thank you Lille Vinkel Sko! During our event LV reached 12000 pairs of TOMS sold... which means 12000 pairs given to children in need! WOW! Great job Norway! That's amazing!

Plus, a thank you to Fredrik Aasen and Tiago Matos, the two artists that drew and painted on LV's windows during our event! Check out the photos below!



Thanks again Norway for a wonderful tour! See you all next year! and remember.... 


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