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Apr 15th 2013

If you’re planning or pondering an event to bring awareness to children’s heath and education this One Day Without Shoes, here are some spiffy event activations you can include…

(note: we’ve tried them before at some point in One Day’s past, and it seems like people get a kick out of each and every one.)

Get all the assets we’re showing below here:



This one can be a super-effective build-up to your One Day Without Shoes event, if you’re wanting and able to plan ahead! All you have to do is…


1) Cut a long roll of butcher paper to cover the length of the surface you’re working with (let’s say: a wall).

2) Paint or write: “I PLEDGE TO GO WITHOUT SHOES ON APRIL 16, 2013.”

3) Use a ruler. Draw columns of lines.

4) Leave writing utensils around for people to write their names and take the pledge for One Day Without Shoes!


Throwback: Here’s a banner from One Day Without Shoes in 2011!


Invite your guests to check their kicks at the door, and let them feel kind of fancy! Place a “shoe valet” — like a cubbied/shelved check-in — where people enter the event. Have them trade their shoes for a numbered ticket, which should correspond to a place within the cubbies/shelves, so your volunteers/event staff know just where to find each shoe when the owner comes back to fetch them!

Knowing their shoes are being babysat, event attendees may be more willing to go without shoes and get down for the cause.


Experience what different terrains feel like without shoes. (Directions within the image.)


This one’s more involved, but brings awareness to the sensory level. It’s an awesome event activation and highly recommended if you’re looking to engage guests/attendees.

Check out TOMS interns experiencing the path last year…



DIY-ers, here’s where you get excited! This simple decoration makes for a great photo backdrop at your One Day Without Shoes event, and it doubles as a pledge exhibition. Here’s how to make it:

1) Hang various lines of string at different heights and lengths.

2) Print and clip fact signs [link] and pledge forms (like the one from the pledge wall) to the strings using butterfly clips (or clothespins)

3) Be sure to provide a clipboard and pen with blank pledge forms for people to hang.


Text and images from TOMS

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TOMS Crochet is back!

Feb 22nd 2013


TOMS Crochet is back and on their way to stores all over Norway! :)

photo from TOMS

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Feb 12th 2013

We recently joined some of our Shoe and Sight Giving Partners in Cambodia, a country we’ve been giving in since 2010, and found ourselves completely taken aback.

We expected to immerse ourselves in the rugged details, get our hands dirty with our Giving Partners, and gain a better understanding of our partners’ programs.

In Phnom Penh, our group joined student leaders at Cambodian Children’s Fund as they taught their peers about healthy habits and distributed new shoes to children living in the Steung Meanchey landfill. In Battambang, we met with Seva Foundation (our first Sight Giving Partner). They not only provide eye care services, but also employ community outreach workers to reach those who may not have access to the care they need. Our intention to learn on this trip was met, and we’re looking forward to sharing more about these two partners over the next few months.

What we didn’t expect, however, was to also be completely enveloped in such beautiful landscapes and curious sounds; there were foggy mornings over ancient temples, and bright, clear afternoons paired with green fields. Upon arrival back home, we put together these reminders of the natural beauty of Cambodia to share with our team, and now with you!

To see more of our journey to Cambodia and what we learned, watch this video:

or click below:

photos and words from TOMS HQ blog

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Dec 21st 2012


Search as you may, but you won’t spot Matuwa on a Google map. But turn off the main dusty road in Manafwa District in Eastern Uganda and follow the smaller dirt path that winds up a large mountain, and soon you’ll find it. The community is quaint, with well-kept school grounds and a large playing field for the hundreds of students it educates.

The same goes for Tsengwa, another tiny village located at the top of a steep, winding path on the side of a mountain. A path so steep and covered with dangerous rocks that trucks carrying new TOMS Shoes wouldn’t even make it to the top. Volunteers had to hike to get to the school to distribute shoes.

TOMS Shoe Giving Partner Arlington Academy of Hope (AAoH) works hard to reach the most remote communities and villages in Uganda with new TOMS Shoes. Because they are among some of the most isolated communities in Uganda, they have very limited resources available.

“We’ve found that the unreachable schools are often the ones that need the most assistance,” the staff at AAoH said.

Arlington Academy of Hope shared that in many of the schools in the villages they serve, children have never worn or owned a pair of shoes, which was evident by the poor condition of the children’s feet and how many cases of jiggers (tiny, burrowing fleas) they saw. At a shoe distribution in Matuwa, AAoH partnered with a health clinic, which offered children treatment for jiggers and health education lessons.

To help combat jiggers and other infections, which can be partly prevented by wearing shoes, AAoH pairs their TOMS Shoe distributions with interactive health education lessons that focus on hand washing, oral health and foot care.

“We hope these lessons will help the kids understand the importance of wearing their new shoes and how the shoes can help improve health overall,” AAoH said.

They utilize games like “Simon Says” and Jeopardy to make lessons fun, engaging and informative for kids.

Over the course of the shoe distributions, Arlington Academy of Hope said they saw countless giddy children, eager to play in their new TOMS Shoes. We’re proud of our partnership with AAoH and their commitment to reach the communities and children who are most in need.

Check out images of TOMS shoe giving in Uganda with Arlington Academy of Hope on Facebook…


Text and images 

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