Our story

While studying in Vancouver, Canada, the two childhood friends Otto R Holmen and Erik R Solheim came across the insole brand SOLE. After finishing their degrees in Finance and Advertising they decided to start importing SOLE to Norway and in 2003 Why Not AS was founded.

In 2004 the two decided to go all in and work fulltime with their own company. Erik was in charge of logistics and finance and Otto was working with sales and marketing – making a great combination of knowledge and experience.

As a brand new startup their first offices were in Erik`s mothers basement and the guys spent a whole lot of hours driving from the north to south, from the east to the west of Norway selling in the insoles.

With a whole lot of courage, passion and hard work Erik and Otto has built and made Why Not one of the biggest and most successful shoe distributors in Norway.

In the past Why Not have been a finalist in the prestigious “Marketer of the Year” award in Norway for their innovative, creative and impactful marketing with TOMS in their market.

Main office, showroom and warehouse is located in Nydalen, Oslo.

Why Not works with the following brands – Blundstone – Joya – TOMS –  Bearpaw – Mechanix Wear – SOLE footbeds- Dirty Dog Eyewear – InspectorCam.